A really Open competition!

Open International Ballroom Dance Championship for Same Sex Couples
Ballroom dancing has gained momentum during the last few years, thanks to the TV celebrity dance shows. Numerous celebrities started taking lessons, celebrity dance schools opened and thousands of people flocked to do the same, thanks partly to the shiny, Swarovski-clad costumes and bright studios. However, ballroom dancing is a tough sport, requiring more than a fondness of fancy clothes, sparkling hairdos, curvaceous women and macho but metrosexual men.

What on earth is same sex dancing?
The catch of same sex dancing is that instead of the usual female/male or celebrity/non-celebrity couple the pair is made up by 2 women or 2 men. This does not mean drag kings or queens. The same sex couples adopt dance as a form of communication and art form to the woman-woman or man-man relation, thereby creating a completely new art form. It is not exclusively a gay or “LGBT” thing, since hetero people also dance with partners of the same gender. Still, these are opportunities for learning and teaching tolerance and peaceful co-dancing.

Hungarian beginnings
Professional same sex dance instruction began around 2000, at Eklektika Dance School, supported by Café Eklektika. Since then Hungarian same sex dancers have participated in numerous international championships, and collected more than 20 gold medals. There are about 25 couples competing regularly, from 2 schools, all over Europe and the USA.

International fame
Not everyone knows that the gay-friendly world organizes large-scale alternating sport events, called EuroGames, Gay Games and OutGames every year. The first same sex dance world championship was organized in Sacramento, California in 2005, with a Hungarian male couple winning the gold in Latin category – and the second time right here, in Budapest. CsárdásCup, the first Hungarian championship with its 120 participating couples, hosted the world cup. And guess who did win gold medals in both competitions – the Hungarians! The successes of our dancers generated a lot of – so far unseen - media attention and envy.

Hot in 2007!
This year, Atlasz Budapest Kupa will take place on October 13, with hopefully even more participants on both sides of the silk corridor, with approx. 200 dancers from abroad and 30 local. International and local dance professionals, organizations and well known personalities of the Hungarian liberal scene will also be present at this colorful and not-to-be missed event.

This weekend, on Saturday, June 16, a light evening of food, drink, good music and some dance will take place at Café Eklektika (Budapest, Nagymező u. 30.) – to support the organization of Atlasz Budapest Kupa, with champion same sex dancers and sexy standard and latin ballroom music.