Animations on canvas

A screening of the paintings of Bálint Miksa in the Szilvuplé Coffeehouse is organized by Trafik Gallery.
If you have already seen the video under you understand why it is not enough to see just the final result on the canvas when it comes to Miksa's paintings. The video is not about watching how one picture gets painted but how a series of events are captured one after another cancelling each other out as we proceed in time. What would you see in a standard exhibition is basically just the last image, not necesary the most important moment captured, just the closing of an animation that can never be seen again. His 'pictures' cannot be labelled as abstract but not especially figurative either; he tries to capture lights and shadows, the openness, the limitlessness.

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"I was only thirteen when I first saw someone paint – says Miksa to the reporter of – I was on a holiday, and I met an amateur painter, a minister working. I was amazed by the way he caputred the light, the sunbeams on the canvas. That is how it's started for me."

"For me painting is to unfold a story step by step. The present covers up the past and something different grews and takes over the previous scenes. while working I want to decipher the course of events as I see them, the way they touch me. Usually when I see something interesting it stays with me. It is in my head constantly, I dream about it, I can't stop thinking about it. I let it mature, sometimes for months, until it finally bursts out and I must paint it" - he added.

"I put myself into the picures" – Miksa continues -  "all of my works are very private, sometimes I don't even understand how I am able to show them to the public. My course of being a painter is an inner journey and I am not quite sure if I will ever get to the end. Like my pictures are never quite finished either. The world never stops and changes always occur but I must stop somewhere when I paint. It is ususally the point when I feel I cannot add to it anymore."

 Ambitions are less and less important for me. There was a time when I wanted to be known in Hungary and maybe internationally but I do not have that desire anymore. I had to realize that being famous is not quite about the work you produce. It is about drawing attention to yourself by doing something scandallous and being out there constantly.
I just want to paint.

Editor's note: This is the first art project of We cooperate with the artist and our footage of the painting of  'Blue joy' will be included in the show.

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IMG_8238 Artist info
Name: Bálint Miksa
Born: 1970
Education: 1989-95 University Of Fine Arts, Budapest – Painter
Exhibition: His work have been exhibited from 1992 in various places
Latest: Screening
in the Szilvuplé Coffeehouse (VI. Dist, 33. Ó utca) from the 21 March 2007 from 8 pm organized by Trafik Gallery.